Where the hell have you been Rae? I know, I know and I’m so sorry! I haven’t touched my sites in almost three months and I’m honestly disappointed in myself, but I had a good reason! New job, new apartment, and new baby…yes! You heard it here first (unless you follow my dad on facebook). … More oh.em.gee!

Self Love

Have you ever loved a man That didn’t know himself Your heart is in his hand Paired with emotional health It’s the toughest thing, isn’t it? You have to be so strong. Turning positivity into bliss. Who wouldn’t condone!? These emotions trapped inside, Impossible to subdue. Carrying the title with pride, No words couldn’t be … More Self Love


I scraped my knee, falling for you, you just watched me bleed.   I let you in, you watched me cry, still, you decide to leave.   I told you everything, how I’d been hurt, you used it to your advantage.   ¿Es posible? No oyes cuando estoy hablando yeah, I said that shit in Spanish. … More Bruises

More on Rae

Issa collage, the many looks & faces of Rae😍‼️ “I’m a unicorn in a horse barn, With no others similar around me. I see rainbows in thunderstorms, But they say my vision is cloudy…” to be continued… – Rae✨

To Haley

You’re mine, even though we’re not together. I am still gonna love you forever. You were once my light in the sky Now you’re just the twinkle in my eye. You will forever be my BEST friend You are now and you were then. I feel like we can never be apart Our relationship is completely … More To Haley


Her eyes are light, Sunkissed by nature itself. She ignores the hype, A beautiful picture of health.   Passion pours from her soul, The perfect human being. Is she real?! Forreal, forreal, The person that I’m seeing?   – Rae ✨